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New Vision is lead by an amazing team of pastors as well as congregation leaders, each with their own area of focus.


Lead Pastor

Pastor Martin grew up in Chicago; later moving to Seattle where he resided for 20 years. Eventually, he settled down in New York with his family. Pastor Martin was a pre-med student in college, obtaining a BA in Biology from the University of Chicago. While doing biomedical research at the University of Washington, he discerned a call to ministry. He went onto study at Regent College in Vancouver, Canada, completing his MDiv in 1999.

Pastor Martin’s unique spiritual and technical background brings a modernized view into his sermons, always seeking to not only explain how God works and relates to us at a personal level, but how God applies and relates to everything around us. What Pastor Martin finds most amazing about God is how thoroughly personal and relational God is; God is both relatable to us as individuals and beyond. Aside from loving theology and New Vision, Pastor Martin’s hobbies include: tennis, table tennis, hiking, compelling stories, and coffee(!).

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